New home buyers ask one of the leading and essential questions, and that is: “Why do I need water filtration in my home?” And the simple answer to that is to ensure the water running through your home is safe for you and your family to consume while cooking, cleaning, and even showering. Sometimes putting a water filter in your home is the last thing you think about, but it’s simple, effective, and essential for your home. When you have a filter in your home, you will see the benefits in your dishwasher, water bill, and drinking water. That’s where Mason Plumbing & Drain comes into play. We are here to help you better understand why you need filtration in your home and how it will be beneficial for you and your family. Continue reading to learn more!  

 How Does Water Filtration Benefit Me?    

Water filters are a border that prevents debris and bacteria from passing through the water and inside your home. There are two steps of filtration that we will go over. The first step is physical filtration, and its role during filtration is clear impurities from the water that goes through your home. As the water runs through this process, it filters the debris and allows the clean water to pass through. But make sure you don’t forget, for this filter to continue to do its job, you must replace it at least every 6 months. The best way to know when you should replace this filter is by feeling the pressure in your water. So, if the pressure in your water begins to lower, you will know you need to replace your filter. It is that easy!    

The second function is chemical filtration. This particular filtration process creates a chemical reaction as water runs through an activated carbon such as charcoal. In addition, chemical filtration helps push smaller particles like debris that can pass through the filter during physical filtration. Both filtration processes work together to cleanse your water and make it safe for your family and everyday use.    

How Safe Is The Water In Your Home?    

Now that you know more about filtration and its process, let’s explain in detail why you should have your home filtered. Especially the water you and your family drink daily. Let me give you an example: Have you ever had an iced tea with grains from the tea bags at the bottom of your drink, sometimes even floating in your glass? We would typically avoid it, right? Nobody wants that in their tea. So, it goes back to drinking your tap water without proper filtration. You don’t always see the sand or contamination, but it’s there. In other words, having your water filtered is crucial to keeping you, your family, your home, and your pets safe and healthy.    

Now that we have covered all that information on water filtration and the importance of having it in your home, my question is, “How safe is your water at home?” You can call today at (513) 298-6996 or schedule an appointment online now by clicking here! If you still have concerns, we are here for you and any questions you may have. Mason Plumbing & Drain is prepared to help your family have cleaner and safer water in your home.