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In the background of your daily routine, your reliable water heater operates silently, providing you with refreshing showers, hygienic dishes, and clean clothing. Imagine life without having warm running water. However, like all household appliances, water heaters have a finite lifespan, which is an average of eight to twelve years. So, although tracking the age of your water heater might seem like an additional chore, it’s a prudent step. Knowing its age can help you prepare accordingly for the future so you aren’t caught off guard if you happen to suddenly need a replacement. So, let’s delve into these steps recommended by your experts at Mason Plumbing & Drain

Discovering the Installation Date: 

If you still have the installation records, unveiling your water heater’s age should be a breeze. The installation date serves as a reliable indicator of its age. However, if you don’t, simply proceed to the steps below.  

Locating the Serial Number: 

Most water heaters bear a manufacturer’s label or serial number on their product label. Generally, the serial number is a mix of alphanumeric characters. Often, manufacturers encode the manufacturing date within this sequence. Just bear in mind that the format can vary. 

Decoding Your Water Heater’s Age: 

Once you have found the serial number, you’ll need to decode it to find the manufacture date. 

  1. Write down the brand and serial number of your water heater. 
  2. Access a dependable online search engine. 
  3. Enter the brand and serial number along with the words “manufacture date” in your preferred search engine. 

This approach should yield several websites providing precise instructions to decipher your water heater’s manufacture date using the provided serial number. 

Contacting the Manufacturer: 

Should all else fail, direct communication with the manufacturer can yield accurate information about your water heater’s age. Most manufacturers offer customer support or helplines for such queries. By sharing the serial number, you should be able to obtain guidance on determining its age. 

Scheduling a Professional Inspection: 

If uncovering your water heater’s age remains challenging, Mason Plumbing & Drain is here to assist. During your scheduled seasonal inspection, our certified plumbers are eager to lend a hand. So, please don’t hesitate to ask!

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