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Are you aware that most home repairs can be attributed to plumbing emergencies? Water damage can be costly! While this may sound alarming, it’s important to note that there are steps you can take in order to avoid costly water damage. Knowing what to do in case a plumbing emergency does occur, you will know what to do. Your professionals at Mason Plumbing & Drain have compiled a few easy tips and tricks to give you complete assurance that if anything happens with your plumbing work, you know what to do.  


  1. In the event of an emergency, it is absolutely imperative that everyone of age in your home knows how to find and turn off your main water valve. You don’t want to be frantically running around looking for it while there’s water spewing everywhere! Investing some time now into familiarizing yourself with this safety measure could save you loads of stress in an otherwise potentially overwhelming moment later on. 
  1. To help relieve the stress of unexpected emergencies, store a list of emergency contact numbers for your home insurance company and plumbers in an easy-to-find location. Even if it seems like an unnecessary precaution, having this information prepared can save you time and energy during these situations. 
  1. Keep a stockpile of old towels, rags, or unused buckets on hand. By keeping them in an accessible area, you won’t have to frantically search for the right supplies in the middle of a plumbing emergency.  


  1. You should stay calm. When the plumbing in your house goes haywire, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed. But instead of spiraling into panic mode, take a breath and remind yourself that you can handle this! Acting fast with a cool head is key to resolving any plumbing emergency promptly and efficiently. 
  1. You should turn off the water supply. Step back and assess the situation. It depends on the exact scenario you are faced with, but it is likely that turning off the water supply is a surefire way to halt any further issues.  For this reason, it’s the first thing you must do. Where exactly can you find this shut-off valve? Simply look under your sink if it relates to your sink’s problems; for toilet-related issues, check behind the toilet. If you cannot locate the direct valve for the problematic component or you are dealing with another issue like burst pipes, for example, you may need to shut off your main water supply. Just remember, this will result in no running water for the entire home. 
  1. You should unplug any affected appliances or turn off the electrical supply if needed. Above all else, prioritize safety! In the event of flooding or standing water making contact with an appliance, switch it off and unplug its power source right away. Depending on the magnitude of damage that has occurred, it may even be necessary to shut off the circuit breaker if there are signs electrical outlets were affected by water. 
  1. You should call a licensed professional. It is advisable to seek the assistance of an experienced and licensed plumber. After the water supply has been cut off and all electrical components have been inspected, contact a professional right away. 
  1. You should clean up excess water. Don’t wait for the plumber if you are left with a large mess; water damage could be worse. You’ll be thankful you stored those extra towels, rags, and buckets away. Furthermore, cleaning up beforehand will enable your plumber to work in a clear area which makes it easier to quickly diagnose and resolve the issue. 

By preparing in advance, you can ease your worries if anything does happen with your plumbing; being equipped with the necessary resources coupled with knowing what to do in the moment allows for quick and effective action when needed!  

We hope that our advice has provided you with a sense of assurance and clarity. If ever you find yourself in a plumbing conundrum, then look no further than Mason Plumbing & Drain! We are here to cover all your plumbing needs – from small repairs to plumbing emergencies, we got you covered! Call us today at (513) 298-6996, or schedule an appointment online now by clicking here