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Are you looking to purchase your next home? If so, it’s definitely a milestone to celebrate. While searching for a home is exciting, it can absolutely be overwhelming as there are several important factors and steps to consider before finalizing your decision. Today, we are here to remind you not to forget about the plumbing system during the home-searching process. What is the best way to go about this? Good question! You’ll want to be sure to watch out for any plumbing warning signs as you walk through prospective homes. Luckily, Mason Plumbing & Drain has put together a list of red flags that you should look out for as you continue the home-searching process. 

1. What Is the Age of the Water Heater?   

Typically, the house listing will contain information like the age of the water heater, but if the listing does not, you can take a brief look at the water heater to roughly assess its age and condition. For example, if you notice excessive dust, corrosion, or puddles around the base of the unit, it could indicate poor maintenance, an older unit, or an underlying problem with the water heater. A good thing to bear in mind is that water heaters usually last around 8-12 years when they are properly maintained, so depending on the age of the water heater in a home, it may need to be replaced soon. 

2. What Does the Water Pressure Look Like? 

It’s easy to overlook checking the water pressure during a house walk-through, but it’s still an important step. Dealing with poor water pressure is unpleasant and can be costly, so it’s wise to test each faucet and shower while touring the house. While low water pressure may not be a deal breaker for you, again, we just want to stress that it’s better to be aware of it in advance to avoid any unpleasant surprises after moving into the house.   

3. What Do the Drains & Water Lines Look Like?   

This next step complements the previous one. Now, let’s focus on the drains and visible water lines. As you check the water pressure of a sink or shower, simply look down at each drain and watch out for signs of rust buildup. This is another red flag we want you to watch out for because although it is rare to find, it could cause costly problems. Additionally, make sure to inspect all water lines that are visible, such as those under kitchen or bathroom sinks. Look for leaks or corrosion. And, while the faucet is running, check for any dripping water underneath the sinks as well.  

4. What Are Some Signs of Water Damage?   

Water damage is never fun to deal with, but how can you identify it before it’s too late? Here are some useful tips to help you recognize water damage. 

  • Check the bases of each of the toilets in the house for any signs of pooling or puddles. If you come across any, it is possible that the toilet has a leak. Should you find any, look around for water damage in the surrounding area. 
  • Be sure to inspect the ceilings of the whole house for brown spots or water stains, as they may be caused by previous leaks from pipes or the roof. 
  • Don’t forget about the basements and crawlspaces as well. Look out for any water stains or signs of a leak in these areas as you are able to. 

5. What about the Home’s Plumbing History?   

Last of all, don’t be afraid to ask questions about the plumbing system if you are considering a home. As the potential new owner, you want to be aware of the condition of the plumbing system. In addition, asking for the plumbing history of the house wouldn’t be a bad idea. Maintenance and repair records can be valuable in the future, and a lack of them could be a cause for concern. Moreover, multiple excessive repairs in a particular area could indicate a problematic area and therefore be a red flag you should know about.    


So, what solution is there to help you get the assurance you need and better peace of mind that you are making the right decision? Well, we offer a plumbing inspection service that you can request to have performed. This thorough evaluation performed by one of our licensed plumbers will give you the confidence you need to determine if this home is suitable for your family or if you need to continue your search for your next home. On the plus side, it may also give you leverage in negotiations to obtain a more favorable outcome. 

When you have a plumbing inspection done with us, our licensed plumbers will thoroughly evaluate and inspect all the plumbing equipment, pipes, and drainage systems, ensuring that everything is in good condition and running up to standard. Keep in mind that if you request this inspection to be done, it will need to be arranged by the homeowner. 

We hope this information is helpful as you continue your search for your next home. If you need a dependable plumbing company that you can count on, rest assured; we’ve got you covered! Call Mason Plumbing & Drain today at (513) 298-6996, or schedule an appointment online now by clicking here